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How to Use a Batting Tee

I have seen through the years how very important the batting tee has become for all levels of players.  Many young players today think to themselves that the batting tee is just for “little kids !” Well, it’s not just for “little kids” and is used everyday in the Major Leagues.  One issue today is that many young players do not know how to use the tee properly.

The very basic set up and plan for using the batting tee is to set up the tee perfectly so you can execute your plan.  The 3 easy plans are 1. strike 15 batted balls in the direction of center field, young kids- 2B bag. Set the tee up just about even with your front leg extended and adjust height accordingly 2. Set the tee up just a bit  inside and strike the ball in the direction of left center field, young kids- SS 3. Set the tee up about even with your back leg extended and strike the ball in the direction of right-center field field young kids- 2B . As always in baseball, make the adjustment.  Each swing should be comfortable and these basic steps are set up for success. Move your feet accordingly.


*Note: For the 3rd plan, Left Handed hitters execute the opposite! Left-center field, and for young kids- SS. 

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