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 Contralateral Training

This week's Manto Minute comes from way outside of the box to say the least!  We all should know that we can learn so much more about anything if we give ourselves a chance to listen to the people around us.  This next concept is exactly a product of listening to everyone about hitting.  While having an innocent  coach to parent conversation about hitting I realized the parent was a sports psychologist, Dr. Lee Piccariello.  When he asked me some “take home drills” that I give my clients, one of the drills was the old fashioned “watch your swing in the mirror drill”.  I saw a smirk and asked why the smirk?  He said let me guess, you want a right handed hitter to look at himself in the mirror right handed?  I said yes, why?  His answer was well, he is watching himself left handed and his muscle memory is fixing a left handed swing!  So, players, if you want to get the correct usage out of practicing your swing in the mirror, follow the above instructions- Lefthanders, stand in a right handed stance and visa versa!  Good luck!

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