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Understanding Your Own Drill Set

As players we  are often excited when we get the opportunity to get a hitting or baseball consultation. Once we meet our coach, there is a sense of optimism, knowing that we have the chance to get better.


After going through an extensive workout, the coach recommends drills specifically for the player to get him better and to improve his career, but as players, we often, don’t understand the why behind the drill sets.  That’s one of the biggest concerns in hitting at the higher level in today's game.  


I remember playing in Japan and a Japanese coach told me that one of the biggest differences between an American player and a Japanese player is that  the American player is encouraged to ask “why.” It still must happen today!  Players, you have to understand why!  asking why just makes the hitting process more clear.


If you are asked to do short bat drills, ask why.  If you are asked to do different tee drills ask why. If you are asked to do any drill ASK why.  When you ask in a respectful and most sincere way, the coach should: 1. Answer respectfully 2. The coach should know the why and most importantly, 3. If he/she doesn’t know why, it’s time to get another coach!

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