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Launch Angle and Exit Velocity

As the game has changed and has led to many different information channels, one of the many discussions that  coaches have today is the importance of launch angle and exit velo.  Yes, these are 2 important measures, but they are not a mechanic to hitting!  Both of these numbers show up well on the computer when and only when a good clean major league mechanic is executed.  It’s obvious the harder you hit the ball the better chance there is for a hit, but it doesnt’ guarantee a hit!  Launch angle is a by-product of a good old fashioned major league swing not to mention a well thought out plan. 


Young hitters are being asked to swing to the numbers that exist in launch angle, not a good idea!  That swing path just leads to swings and misses and huge frustrating games.  Not to mention, parents are being asked to pay a lot of money for results that do not have a big sample size!  


If a coach says to you “All you have to do is swing up”- he’s not the guy for you!

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