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Practice Skills

Often times players just stop practicing.  The players think they got it figured out whether it be on the offensive side of the ball, or the defensive side of the ball.  Well, I’m here to say, this game will humble a player quickly if he's practicing and more important, if he's not practicing correctly.  


I have often said if you practice right or practice wrong, it will show up in a game.  When practicing, learn the progression of the speed of practice.  Yes, start out slow and pick up the intensity as time moves on.  An example on practicing infield defense- by the time the last ⅓ of your ground ball session is over, you should be moving game speed and throwing the ball game speed.  


When taking batting practice, early in the session I recommend swing about 50% to find the barrel.  As BP gets to the final few minutes, the ball should be coming off of the bat game like.


When you’re practicing running, run!  Oftentimes muscles are pulled in games because the player didn’t run hard while getting loose and expected that muscle just to show up and perform during a game.

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