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Performing in a Showcase

One of the most stressful times in baseball is the sometimes dreaded showcase.  This is when all of the stress falls completely on the player, no more coaching, no more encouraging- this is the time to shine!  But how do you perform? Nobody has ever told you!  Here are a few tips-

  • Coaches are always looking for players who look good.  Wear youR uniform correctly

  • Coaches watch you play catch.  They want to see the carry on your ball

  • Coaches watch you stretch. Do you take it seriously? Do you communicate with your teammates?

  • 60 yard dash isn’t as important as you may think.  I have never heard, in any meeting in professional baseball, any coach ask what was a particular players “60.”

  • Play your normal speed. Coaches & scouts recognize the difference between false extra energy and what is playable energy

  • They don’t mind mistakes. They happen. Move on

  • During  cage work, they are watching.  Get the batted ball to the back ⅓ of the cage

  • Batting practice is a time to put every ball on the barrel

  • Accuracy is better that power

  • Coaches recognize it’s a small sample. Do your best

  • Your body size and agility will determine what position you play in the future.  You’re a baseball player- not just a shortstop

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